Replacement & Repair of House Locks & Security Gate Replacements

Have you ever found yourself in the predicament where you have lost your house keys, or found yourself stuck in front of your jammed door with a malfunctioning lock? Then you have come to the right place, 24/7 Swift Locksmith, as we can solve all your lock problems.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive lock services that include door and security gate lock replacement as well as the unlocking of any house.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Replace or repair security gates.
  • When you lose your keys, and you need to open your home, apartment, office, or vehicle we can help you to gain access to your desired location.
  • Replacement of any residential, commercial, and industrial locks.
  • Change any lock combination so that our clients can regain access.
  • Repairment of any broken or rusted locks found on security gates and doors, etc.

Why are Locks & Security Gates Important in South Africa?

Having premium security in South Africa is crucial with our high crime rates. Therefore, this is high on every South African’s list of priorities. One of the ways of improving your security is by using locks, security gates and doors as well as the services provided by locksmiths like us.

Locks & Security Gates offer a way for people to secure their valuables as well as properties. As a result, you need to change your locks if you have recently bought a new property to make sure that only you and other homeowners have access to the property. Because you never know if all the key copies have been given to you or if criminals have already gotten access to it.

The same thing goes for rental properties where you need to change the locks when a new tenant moves in as many tenants don’t give back all the old sets of keys. Furthermore, the same goes for when management has changed in a corporate company for offices, stores, and cabinets.

It is important to remember that to prevent most hijackings, home invasions or personal documents from being stolen from you, you need to ensure that your locks, as well as your security gates, are in tip-top condition and that you are the only one that can open the locks.

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